Our Coaches

Our dedicated coaches are volunteers with a desire to give back to the community, each applying their own experience to their chosen sport. They enjoy working with the athletes which is reflected by the athletes respect shown to each coach. Coaches are the foundation of our sporting programs which enable our athletes to fulfil their goals and stay fit. If you believe you can contribute we would love to hear from you by completing the contact form on our CONTACT page.


Blake Heggie As a competitive swimmer and ex-student of Oakhill College, Blake was first introduced to the Special Olympics swim squad as part of the school volunteer program. Blake has a sister who is an active member of Special Olympics and is member of the swim squad at Oakhill. It was through her success in competitive swimming events including those at National games level that inspired Blake to pursue a career in coaching, working in the special needs arena. Blake is currently teaching and coaching at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. He is a qualified AustSwim Instructor in water safety and stroke correction, teaching those with disabilities and assisting with school and centre programs. In addition to a busy work routine, Blake is also studying at the Australian College of Physical Education to attain his Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Administration. Blake enjoys playing and watching all sports and aspires to a career as a high level coach in a sporting code.


Brearne Warters Brearne has been a keen dancer since the age of 3. 2009 saw her commence teaching and in 2012 our Special Olympics Hills group were fortunate to acquire Brearne as an enthusiastic dance teacher. Volunteering with Special Olympics Brearne says, ‘has enabled her to share her joy of dance in a new and fun way, as each week her students come away happy, which in turn makes me happy’. Aside from dance, Brearne loves travelling, relaxing, baking and reading. At the end of 2014 Brearne also became a new mum. There is no doubt that she will share the passion she has for dance with her family in years to come.

See how you can get involved

Special Olympics Sydney Hills welcomes volunteers of all ages to help our athletes reach their potential. Qualified coaches are especially welcome. Simply click the button below and fill in and email the Get in Touch form. We’ll get right back to you!